Hello Beautiful!

 Ayana CEO, of Royal Beauty Cosmetics. I'd love to take the time out to tell you all a little bit about myself, my products, and what inspired me to go into business to become an Entrepreneur.

I'm a single mother of two beautiful children. I'm 21 years of age. I've always said I want to run my own business as a cosmetologist. I gave birth to my firstborn "son" at the age of fourteen. YES! As a teenager, I had to grow up and take on a huge responsibility as a young woman that changed my life for the better. After my Ayden was born I couldn't accept ANY failure in my life. I faced a lot of criticism through school. I never allowed it to stop me from finishing as I had something to prove not to those who discredited me but my son. I started working at the age of sixteen, and maintain that job for 5 years and counting. With love and support from my family. I graduated from Brenham High School year 2017. 

After attending Blinn college for about a year and a half my daughter, Royalty was born! She's my biggest inspiration for launching Royal Beauty Cosmetics. ​Facing many obstacles, the college wasn't in my best interest at the time. Again failure wasn't an option. I had to find a new angle, so I set myself a new plan and a new goal. Royal Beauty Cosmetics is my new angle. My goal is to expand Royal Beauty Cosmetics worldwide. Big Dreams! And I most certainly do plan on going back to college in due time. My children are my motivation, but none of this is possible for me without the support of you all. I appreciate you all for taking the time out to support my business. I hope you all enjoy and love my products. I have to offer the best top quality handmade mink eyelashes in many different styles to match your beauty. I also have handmade vegan lipgloss made by yours truly. I have so much more to bring to the table, as I found my passion for all beauty things. 

Be You. Only you can define you. Whom you get to be. 

Be Royal. Lead by example. Leadership. Never know who's watching.

Be Beautiful. Find that inner self. Love yourself first always. Have Beauty and Passion.

Ayana Walker

Our Royal Story

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