• 25MM
  • Full Volume Classic style
  • Medium Style Lengh
  • Duable lash band for easy
  •  Reusable with proper cleaing
  • At least 6 wears or more

Lash STRIPES ARE NOT meant to sleep in BUT happen to sleep in your lashes, follow care instrustions to get your lashes back in place


    1. Remove Eyelash from eyelid, place eyelash around a mascra tube or any similar object
    2. Using a eyelash brush, brush throughly adding water to  eyelash brush until eyelashes are neat
    3. Carefully trim or pluck any out of place hair
    4. Allow eyelash to airdry 
    5. Leave the strip around mascra tube until the band is in its best shape
    6. Use small alcohol pad to clean lash band. Lightly rub the pad in a back and forward motion. Once glue start to come up, use tweezers or your finger nail to carefully pull up any access glue
    7. Eyelashes are back poppin 

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